XVision Parking Sensors

XVision Parking Sensors

Safety and convenience are of paramount importance to most drivers when they are manoeuvring their vehicles. Xvision Parking Sensors detect objects that are often unseen by the driver, such as low walls, bollards, or even pedestrians. Iced windows, condensation and even the safety design of many cars can reduce visibility, making a warning system essential.


Drivers are normally well protected by such products as seat belts, air bags, ABS brakes, crumple zones and side impact bars, etc. Unfortunately the same cannot be said whilst reversing. A recent study showed that over 37% of all insurance claims were caused whilst reversing.


Many drivers think that because they are good drivers, they don’t need parking sensors, especially those who have yet to experience an accident. However, parking sensors have nothing to do with how bad or good a driver you are. All of us experience situations where we just cannot see. Condensation, Ice, low lying objects or even people walking across your path can be detected by the sensors, even when you can’t see them.


From £249

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